Racialism and Mythicism: Why You Need Both

You cannot be racist and you cannot be godless-not if you are good, decent White folks.

But why not?

My cousin once told me, “Emily, everyone feels the same way about race. Nobody likes niggers. They just don’t talk about it.” And that was supposed to be the end of that.

  Well, my inner workings didn’t find that conclusion to my liking. Seems wrong to have to ‘not talk about it.’ So I’m talking about it, and the ‘thought crimes’ I engage in will be placed here. The resources that taught me will be linked here, also.

  I’ll try and arrange said thought crimes and resources in neat categories, eliminating clutter.


  From “The Great Infidels”, 1881:   “I do not believe that the tendency is to make men and women brave and glorious when you tell them that there are certain ideas upon certain subjects that they must never express; that they must go through life with a pretense as a shield; that their neighbors will think much more of them if they will only keep still; and that above all is a God who despises one who honestly expresses what he believes. For my part, I believe men will be nearer honest in business, in politics, grander in art — in everything that is good and grand and beautiful, if they are taught from the cradle to the coffin to tell their honest opinion.”


He is right. My cousin was wrong. No pretense as a shield, tyvm.

Onward, infidels.



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