No Sense Does Not Make Sense: …And If You Don’t Know That You Exist, Congrats: You’ve Completed Media n’ School Crazymaking 101

I hate Charles Manson. And Robert Anton Wilson, too. Also Ken Kesey and Tim Leary.
Charlie used to tell his little groupies and drug addled sheep, “No sense makes sense.” They thought they were being super duper rebellious with this s**t. Well, this is really just classic “crazymaking”, something I would imagine the religions, governments, and corporations of the world are more than happy to do to folks-so, not too rebellious, eh?
Robert Anton Wilson coined the phrase, “Only the madman knows for sure”. If we’re talking about admitting that we “don’t know everything,” I would agree. But if you take this too far, you’ve reached crazytown. For instance, the “How do I know I exist?” crapola. I don’t know about you, but when I look in a mirror, that’s me. I know I’m there. I know what the air I breathe is, I know that H2O is water, etc. There are lots of people who have let their thinking be led by fools to this “far out” place-and the mental hospitals are full of them.
Another way to get “far out thinking” is with drug use-Tim Leary, the Merry Pranksters (Kesey), and other asssorted LSD peddlers-all members of the “No Sense Makes Sense” crowd…and there are people who made the unfortunate mistake on taking a hit of LSD, and they are still “tripping” all these years later-in a mental hospital. Some did not chose to take the LSD-the “Merry Pranksters” drugged them. What good friends.
Beware of the company you keep. Guard your mind. Trust your instincts-they are there for a reason. Don’t get so ‘far out’ you can’t feel yourself anymore.
Religious nuts will tell you that you gain something by ‘losing yourself’-not true.
These kinds of people, who would do these dirty deeds, especially to the very young, are unforgivable. It is an unforgivable thing, to try to steal someone’s authentic mind. Guard it. Don’t let just anyone walk around in it with their dirty feet, as some guy named Ghandi said..although nobody knows who really said it first.
Bringing me to another point: question everything. If someone won’t let you, they’re up to no good. Otherwise, they’re ‘thing’ would hold up to the biggest fo questions.
And be extra wary of flattery. Even your own. Like Willis Goth Regier said, “Flatter yourself critically.”


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