Self Imposed Sacrifice vs. Forced: Is it Even a Sacrifice?

Wouldn’t it mean more to a ‘god’ if you imposed, of your own free will, the sacrifice of not earning money on a major money-making day? And giving up greedy pursuits on that day to spend time resting and paying undivided attention to your family? Why would god be impressed if you did this because you were forced to under the threat of punishment?
It is far more impressive to do something despite being threatened to be punished-in this case, the punishment being refusal to work on that day, losing profit, and people thinking you are a wierdo for doing so. (And, by the way, that day is obviously not Sunday).
It’s kind of like if a kid cleans their room out of nowhere-it’s a sign they have matured enough to desire to live in a clean room, and so they clean it. No threats, no coeercion-they just did it because they thought it was the right way to live.
These are the good things about religion that actually get ruined by religion, ironically enough. Someone aspires to live a less greedy or narcissistic life, and they impose sanctions on themself. Awesome.
But not awesome when an entire nation (be it Islamic or Christian or Flying Spaghetti Monster) decides what is “best for you”, and can punish you accordingly, and all the little sanctions (many born out insanity) imposed against you are not of your own making. They, therefore, hold absolutely no meaning and no value to your character. Rather, they say alot about the character (or lack thereof) of the people imposing the punitive attitude.

If it’s imposed from the outside, it’s not real discipline or real morality, which always comes from the self.


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